Monster Truck Rides:

Hey Monster Truck Fans! Experience the thrill of riding in a real-life, full-size monster truck around a customized, specially prepared course at The Speedpark. Monster Truck rides are starting June 1st and unlike a competition monster truck, this monster ride truck is built specifically for giving safe, fun, family-friendly rides to fans of virtually all ages.
Monster Truck Rides - $9.99 per person

VIP Monster Truck Ride:

Want to take a VIP Ride up front? Ride shot gun in the front seat of the Monster Truck. Get a feel for what its like in the cab of a Monster Truck as it gives rides to fans over the custom course at The Speedpark. VIP Monster Truck rides are subject to availability.
VIP Monster Truck Ride - $19.99

The Speedpark Go Karts

Featuring 4 go kart tracks, all uniquely designed for go karting fun. Enjoy side-by-side racing on our long stretches and wide curves, and test your behind-the-wheel skills as you drive!

Go karts at The Speedpark range from kiddie karts on the Junior Racer Track to Racing go karts on the ¼ mile Superspeedway oval.

Junior Racer Track- offers kiddie go karts for the little racers
Height Requirements: 36” tall and 3 years old to drive. Maximum height 48” and 150 lbs.

The Pro Track- Race go karts thru the twists and turns!
Height Requirements: 54" tall to drive.

Racers Track- Race single seat go karts or ride in 2 seat go karts!
Height Requirements: 54” tall to drive.

The Superspeedway- 1/4 mile oval featuring 2 seat go karts! Take a ride or drive someone as your passenger!
Height Requirements: 60" tall and 16 years old to drive. Drivers license required. 36" tall and 3 years old to ride a double-seater kart.

Miniature Golf

The uniquely themed 18-hole miniature golf course is designed with family fun in mind.

The Mini Golf at The Speedpark challenges all skill levels through tunnels, waterfalls, and mountains.

Practice your putting skills all year long. The Mini golf is great for all ages and birthday parties.
Everyone can play!

Spider Jump

The Spider Jump is the largest reverse bungee system for all ages. Practice your jumping and tumbling skills up in the air and bounce as high as you can. Great for team building and birthday parties!
Everyone can play!

Spider Web

This exciting climbing challenge provides an exhilarating experience for climbers and spectators alike! Climb though layers of "spider web" to get to the top. The Spider Web is an exciting way for children to challenge themselves as they find their own way up, through and out of the web.
Everyone can play!

Fun Slide

The latest attraction at The Speedpark - 100 foot fun slide! Race down 3 lanes side by side, from the top of the 100 foot slide to the bottom.
Everyone can play!

Ice Skating